September 4, 2020

Tax Consultant Terry Selb Discusses How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Affect Your Taxes

Tax Consultant Terry Selb recently discussed how the coronavirus pandemic will affect your taxes during the 2021 tax season. Tax season is a stressful time of year for many Americans. It’s a source of anxiety, confusion, and many times, financial uncertainty. This year has raised numerous additional questions among citizens regarding their taxes due to […]

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Terry Selb
August 28, 2020

Terry Selb Answers the Question: Is Investing a Tax Return in Stocks Wise During Covid?

Terry Selb has watched the developments of Covid-19 with a careful eye and is worried about how it may affect many people’s financial situation. However, he doesn’t think that now is the time to panic or start avoiding stocks – with the right outlook and approach, you can still make good money on the market. […]

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August 12, 2020

Terry Selb Discusses the Smartest Way to Use a Tax Return

Terry Selb is a tax professional with years of experience who can help struggling individuals pay off their debts. He has been particularly significant in helping people learn how to handle their tax returns and use them to make sense of their needs. The following suggestions are among the best ways to use your return […]

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